IH1 Overview

Investment Holding Size €10M
Capital Commitments today €6,7M
Legal form Società a Responsabilità Limitata
Currency Euro (€)
IH1 domicile Italy
Vintage 2022
First closing €1,65M
Second closing €3,65M
Third closing €5M
Investment period end date Dec 2026
Divestment period end date Dec 2032
Focus Startups created by Mamazen: companies designed to simplify processes, improve customer experience, and create tools for digital transformation addressed to self-employed workers and artisans.
Strategy 1 Investment in the Studio 15 pre-seed investment10 Follow on Investment
Legal Firm Futura Law Firm
Tax Consultant Sevat Group

Fundraising and investments

Fundraising and deployment

Holding Size € 10.000.000
Fundraising € 6.750.000
Cashed-In € 4.200.000
Investments € 3.250.000

IH1 Investment Thesis

IH1 invests in software-enabled businesses to boost the competitiveness and growth of European micro-businesses. These enterprises, employing fewer than 10 people and generating under €2M annually, are crucial to the European economy, employing 50 million people and contributing over 20% to the GDP. Despite their importance, they struggle with competition, lack of digital tools, and weak bargaining power.

Investments, valuations and ownership

Average Investment € 178.875
Min € 150.000
Max € 250.000
Median valuation € 2.610.000
Min € 1.000.000
Max € 3.750.000
Average ownership (direct equity) 8,34%
Smallest 5,46%
Largest 10,70%

Portfolio company

Beautiful.ai - IH1_Deck_V.4.0 - Slide 17.jpeg



The Dual Entity Model

Mamazen IH1 adopt the Dual Entity Model: the model involves the combination of a Startup Studio (Mamazen) and a Holding Company (IH1).

The holding size is €10M, allocated as follows: